The project of this 3,100 square meters steel structure warehouse building is located in Santiago, Chile. Customer from Chile was originally planed to build a steel building to exhibit the engineering machines, like wheel loader, excavator, bulldozer, motor grader and truck crane.

Customer is the distributor of the famous construction machinery company XCMG, which hereby necessarily needs a large building as for the exhibition hall for the above machines. With over 6 months of negotiation, the design was finally confirmed.

The building is with the dimension of 77x34.5x6m which covers an area of 3,100 meters, while a 2 two-story office building was also needed to set up against the main building with the size of 34.5x5.5x7.2m.

Containers arrived in Port San Antonio in early October, and then transfered to the city Santiago which eventually arrived at the construction site. The foundation pit had already finished while the pit size is left by 2.0*2.0*1.0m. Each foundation size is 1.8*1.8*0.8m. The anchor bolts were installed on the reserved place in the pit and then poured the concrete until the totally drying.


The layout drawing had been sent to customer after the order, which shows clearly for the each beam and column. As Dorian marked the “GZ” with consecutive number on each column,which will help the customer to find and install all the columns in the correct position.
All columns should be installed completely before proceeding the next step, bottom parts are fixed together by the nuts and steel plate with the embedded anchor bolt. All nuts do not be screwed 100%, leaving some tensions for adjusting work afterwards.

The next step for customer is the installation of steel beams and roof tie rods, and the following is some tips:

1. Beams should be pre-assembled on the ground. “GL” with consecutive numbers were marked on each parts. Take an example, “GL 1-1” and “GL 1-2” means one complete set steel beam, which should be pre-assembled beforehand.

Steel beams are connected by Roof Tie Rod one by one till all beams installed properly.

2. Installing the beam and column together with high strength bolt. Do not screwing the bolt 100% when focusing the assembly work in one side. And adjusting the nuts on the bottom of steel column if there is deviation happened when

proceeding the bolting work on another side.


After all columns, beams, purlines and other components had been finished, customer started to install the wall and roof panel.


For the roof panel:

All the roof panels should be fixed on the roof purline tightly by stud, and keep both sides of the roof panel at the same horizontal line, which will convenient for wall edge cover installation afterwards. Welding the angle steel on the roof purline near the gable, which will provide the position to fix the roof and wall panel.

For the wall panel:

All the edge cover of windows should be installed completely before proceeding the next stop, then fixing the wall panel on the wall purline. Each corrugation at the bottom of the wall panel should be well studded to avoid any loosing issues  happened.

After the main frame and the wall and roof were all finished, customers then installed windows, roof and the crane. The final steel building was finished.

Last but always remember, if you need any help in Steel Structure or Steel Building related area, ask Dorian before make decision.