Completed Libya 2592 Square Meters Steel Bar Rolling Mill Production Line 3

Completed Libya 2592 Square Meters Steel Bar Rolling Mill Production Line

The project was totally done in the first week of June, which took about 1 month and half in total.

This Libya project is a L shape building, while there are 2 parts of them.

The longer building is with the size of 60x24x15.5m, which is used as the stove workshop. This height can make sure the safety for the high temperature. There are 3 doors space reserved on the gable wall which are in order to loading the materials to the stove inside the building.

There are 2 cranes are mounted inside the workshop, while 1 is 10 tons and another is 15 tons.

The lower part building will be used as the rolling part, which is used for conveying and loading the rebar. Therefore, this part of the building no need to be very higher. With the size of 24x24x9m, this part will be reserved some space for the Phase II of the project. The second phase of the project will be for the finished product workshop, which is also as the rolling part. And the size for this part is 24x90x9m, which will be connected together with the existed 24x24x9m part.

On June 21, the project had been totally done.

You can check Before Shipping parts of this project at here:
You can check Shipping and Pre-installation parts of this project at here:
You can check Final parts of this project at here:


    Dorian team will attend the 35th ARCHITECT Exhibition in Bangkok, Thailand

    On behalf of our company, we would like to invite you and your company representatives to visit our booth at the exhibition center from April 25 to 30.

    As a professional manufacturer in the field of steel structure, Dorian can provide one-stop service from design, production to installation, and always adhere to the principle of equality and mutual benefit. We hope to promote the complementary advantages of both sides through joint efforts.

    You can find a new continent here. Because we will introduce some new building solutions with novel design and special function, this model has been accepted by most of our domestic customers. But not selling to foreign countries so far, will you miss the boat?

    It would be great pleasure to meet you at the exhibition, we expect to establish long-term business relations with you in future.

    Exhibition Center: IMPACT exhibition center

    Booth No.: S113/3

    Date: April 25th-30th, 2023

    Add: IMPACT exhibition center Challenger Hall 1-3 , Bangkok, Thailand.

    Thailand Architect exhibition is a professional and famous exhibition in the word, which is held annually and has been successfully held 34 sessions so far. The exhibition mainly related to building materials, floors, windows/doors, building hardware, machinery, etc. Trade show attracted 600 exhibitors from Germany, the United States, Australia, Malaysia, Japan, France, and other countries from all over the world. Over 75000 square meters exhibition hall, more than 30000 exhibition audiences at the last trade show.


      Dorian Accomplish 3600 Square Meter Two-story Steel Workshop Project in Colon City, Germany

      Project information

      Project information: 3 sets 40X30X14M two-story pharmaceutical steel structure workshop with PU sandwich panel wall + glass wool roof

      Project location: Colon city, Germany

      Consultation before the cooperation

      Dorian made the design as the usual after received the inquiry from the client, and the design drawing only spent 3 hours to be finished, and sent it and detailed price list to the client. The client was amazed at Dorian’s efficiency. But, due to the demand of a lot of precision instruments and equipment in the workshop, the client has high requirements of fireproof function for the steel structure and panels. On the other hand, winter in Europe is such cold, therefore,Dorian suggested that paint fireproof coating on the surface of steel structure and use PU sandwich panel as the roof panel and wall panel, which can greatly improve the fireproof level and thermal insulation function as well as anti-corrosion.

      The client was pleased with Dorian’s suggestion, but they refused the price because of some force majeure such as continuously rising freight rates and unpredictable shipping schedules ,and other reasons. Dorian has to modified the design and recommended glass wool sandwich panel instead of the PU panel, which is also with good insulation function and more economical price. In additions, the glass wool has smaller volume, which can save the container space when loading, and finally save shipping cost. After a tough but pleasant negotiation, the client accepted Dorian’s solution and price eventually.

      A visit prior to the formal cooperation

      Considering that it was the first cooperation, before paying the deposit, the client asked their colleagues in Shenzhen office to visit Dorian’s factory. After a long journey, Dorian team picked up the clients at the high-speed railway station and had a pleasant meeting with them. The customer have a site work of the production plant and have a detailed consultation with the engineers and designers during the visit. After that, the client recognize the Dorian's strength and service, was more tend to cooperate with Dorian’s team and Dorian’s factory.


      Dorian also can provide installation service based on the demand of the client, but because of the covid-19, the client has to give up the service which invite Dorian’s installation team to their city to help them install the steel structure workshop. Dorian reassured the client quickly, and in order to guarantee the smooth installation of this engineering, made detailed installation manual and installation video in time before they received the cargoes. Meanwhile, Dorian also provided professional on-line service to the client to solve any problems that arise during the installation process. now the steel structure workshop has been successfully installed under Dorian’s help, the workers are decorating and installing the equipment.

      Final reminder

      Dorian can produce all kinds of steel building, metal sheet and sandwich panel on China ,have professional research and development team and rich experiences with more than 20 years , and also provides one-stop service from designing, manufacturing to loading and installing . For more information, please send us email or contact us freely.

      Dorian Prefab Steel Building Ready Shipping to Ghana

      Dorian Steel Structure Warehouse Ready Shipping to Ghana

      The project of this 3,000 square meters steel structure warehouse building is located in Ghana.

      Projects details: 36*42*8m+36*42*6m steel structure workshop for tyre recycling plant.

      Projects Execution: Q335B welded steel structure beam and column with 0.4mm single layer steel sheet with industry gray color for wall and roof. Skylight panel and ventilator ball on roof for natural lightening and ventilation. Electronic rolling up doors for truck entering.

      Dorian Steel Structure finished the loading and delivery work to Ghana, Africa with two units steel structure warehouse in total 3000 square meters in Dec,2020

      Customer asked for the design and quotation with the local prefab steel structure manufacture in Ghana initially, and preferring to set up this project with them due to the severe global COVID virus issue.

      After investigating Dorian’s price,capacity and service, customer changed their mind to cooperate with us finally.

      Customer monitor the mass production and loading process by instant video talking with Dorian’s Sales Team even though he can not do the inspection work in site.

      Dorian packed the goods with 40OC container and loaded carefully with crane, every parts was placed in the proper position without any damages. 

      Using the steel rope to make the fixation and minimize the risky of damage caused during the transportation process.

      All the steel columns and steel beam with the embossed stamp according to the Assembling Layout indication, which will help the customer to do the installation work correctly afterwards.

      Customer is happy and satisfied with Dorian’s service and quality after receiving the goods in Jan,2021.

        Dorian Prefab Steel Building Ready Shipping to Chile 06

        Dorian Prefab Steel Building Ready Shipping to Chile

        The project of this 3,100 square meters steel structure warehouse building is located in Santiago, Chile. Customer from Chile was originally planed to build a steel building to exhibit the engineering machines, like wheel loader, excavator, bulldozer, motor grader and truck crane.

        Customer is the distributor of the famous construction machinery company XCMG, which hereby necessarily needs a large building as for the exhibition hall for the above machines. With over 6 months of negotiation, the design was finally confirmed.

        The building is with the dimension of 77x34.5x6m which covers an area of 3,100 meters, while a 2 two-story office building was also needed to set up against the main building with the size of 34.5x5.5x7.2m.

        Containers arrived in Port San Antonio in early October, and then transfered to the city Santiago which eventually arrived at the construction site. The foundation pit had already finished while the pit size is left by 2.0*2.0*1.0m. Each foundation size is 1.8*1.8*0.8m. The anchor bolts were installed on the reserved place in the pit and then poured the concrete until the totally drying.


        The layout drawing had been sent to customer after the order, which shows clearly for the each beam and column. As Dorian marked the “GZ” with consecutive number on each column,which will help the customer to find and install all the columns in the correct position.
        All columns should be installed completely before proceeding the next step, bottom parts are fixed together by the nuts and steel plate with the embedded anchor bolt. All nuts do not be screwed 100%, leaving some tensions for adjusting work afterwards.

        The next step for customer is the installation of steel beams and roof tie rods, and the following is some tips:

        1. Beams should be pre-assembled on the ground. “GL” with consecutive numbers were marked on each parts. Take an example, “GL 1-1” and “GL 1-2” means one complete set steel beam, which should be pre-assembled beforehand.

        Steel beams are connected by Roof Tie Rod one by one till all beams installed properly.

        2. Installing the beam and column together with high strength bolt. Do not screwing the bolt 100% when focusing the assembly work in one side. And adjusting the nuts on the bottom of steel column if there is deviation happened when

        proceeding the bolting work on another side.


        After all columns, beams, purlines and other components had been finished, customer started to install the wall and roof panel.


        For the roof panel:

        All the roof panels should be fixed on the roof purline tightly by stud, and keep both sides of the roof panel at the same horizontal line, which will convenient for wall edge cover installation afterwards. Welding the angle steel on the roof purline near the gable, which will provide the position to fix the roof and wall panel.

        For the wall panel:

        All the edge cover of windows should be installed completely before proceeding the next stop, then fixing the wall panel on the wall purline. Each corrugation at the bottom of the wall panel should be well studded to avoid any loosing issues  happened.

        After the main frame and the wall and roof were all finished, customers then installed windows, roof and the crane. The final steel building was finished.

        Last but always remember, if you need any help in Steel Structure or Steel Building related area, ask Dorian before make decision.


          Dorian Prefab Steel Building Ready Shipping to Cote d'Ivoire

          At the beginning of November 2020, the 600 square meters Steel Structure Warehouse sent by Luoyang Dorian New Materials Technology Co.,Ltd to Côte d'Ivoire was shipped smoothly.


          Before booking shipment, our sale team ,engineer team and Structure support team work togather pre-design multi-plan the sequence of the goods according to the volume and weight of the goods not only to ensure that the goods can be placed on the frame safely and stably but also meet client budget requirement.


          After confirm with our customer, we choose 40HQ container type and the bottom is fixed with steel frame. The bottom frame is made of thick steel which is welded by hand. The whole frame is very strong and can carry about 30 tons of goods.


          When the goods are placed, the workers will weld steel channels on the side to further stabilize the goods. The top steel channel and the side steel channel are welded together, and the whole is stable. 


          Then, welding, Dorian support team use 8 strands of steel wire rope to strengthen the goods.


          After all the goods are fixed, wire ropes are used to connect the steel ring at the bottom of the steel frame to hoist the whole goods into the container.

           This kind of loading method can ensure the stability and avoid the scattered and collision of the goods. And it is also very convenient for customers to unload.


          In addition, after receiving the goods, the steel frame at the bottom can also be reused by customers, which is very practical.

          Last but always remember, if you need any help in Steel Structure or Steel Building related area, ask Dorian before make decision.

            Canton Fair

            Dorian will join in the 127th Canton Fair (online) from June 15 to 24

            The 127th Canton Fair scheduled online from June 15 to 24, and Dorian company will participate in this important event. Since the covid-19 epidemic situation went rampant for the last 4 months all around the world, many fairs and activities have been canceled or delayed. And it is right that in such situation, the fair was planned be held online from June 15 to 24.


            The organizer expressed that they will improve technological application and supporting services to enhance the online experience of all enterprises and traders. They will strive to hold an especially wonderful "online Canton Fair" with special significance through special measures in this unprecedented time.


            Dorian company attaches high importance on this fair, since off line fair is not allowed currently. Thus, the online fair plays a significant role for the seller and buyer to carry on the business. You can find our showroom of 127th online Canton Fair at here or you can always easily contact us via our support system from Dorian Steel Building company official website.


            In the year of 2020, Dorian team are planning to take part in more fair and to go to more countries to visit customers to provide the most service for the customer. The overseas office and warehouse is planning to set in order to serve better for the clients. By the above means, more problems will be solved and the face to face communication will be proved more efficiently.

            Dorian Prefab Steel Building Ready Shipping to Algeria

            2020.5.19, 30x100x8M Steel Structure Workshop that Dorian New Materials Technology Co., Ltd. cooperated with the Algerian customer has been sent to the project city, Algiers. The project has a total area of 3,000 square meters. Roof and wall panels are made of 50mm rock wool sandwich panel.


            We use 2 different type Container to transport whole material.

            1. 40 Open Top Container to load the main steel structure, the workers can easily and quickly lift the heavy steel into the container, which saves both time and labor cost. It is also easier for customers to lift cargoes out of containers when they arrive at their destination.

            2. Another method of loading 40 High Cubic Container is to make a steel bottom frame, then place the steel materials on top of the steel bottom frame, and finally use steel channel welding and wire rope to fix the entire frame. The advantage of using a steel bottom frame is that customers can more easily pull the cargoes out of the container and transport them to the project site. The bottom steel frame weighs about two tons, and the customer can disassemble it for use in the project, or recycled. However, the labor cost of this loading method is relatively high.

            **Dorian can provide engineers to guide the installation(With Extra Cost).

            Finally, wish the Algerian customer project smooth installation.

            If you interested in Steel Structure Building or need more details about this Steel Structure Workshop, please Contact Us for more information.We are here ready to help.