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Steel Structure Workshop & Warehouse

Steel structure warehouse & workshop is widely applied to plenty of fields for construction, esp. for the warehouse and workshop. Steel structure workshop, which is made by metal materials, has been grown as the mainstream for the factory workshop.

With the superiority of easy installation, low-cost, high-efficiency, higher-fireproofing, and anti-corrosion, the steel buildings replaced more than 90% of the traditional concrete and brick factory buildings, which has been growing more.


  1. The steel structure frame consists of the steel beam, steel column, wall and roof purline, brace tie bar, and gutter, which is made up the main structure and frame for the building.
  2. The wall and roof panel which covers all around of the building, can be used by the steel panel or sandwich panel. Steel sheet panel is easy to transport and install, and with even lower cost, while the sandwich panel consists of the EPS panel, PU panel, and rock wool panel, which is with the high efficiency of heat preservation(can install the air conditioner).
  3. The components are made up of bolts and rivet.

Since such buildings with the advantages of fast installation, environmental friendliness and higher earthquake resistance, the application for such buildings are extremely wide, and it’s can be used as barn, hen house and materials warehouse.

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