Compared to concrete buildings , steel structure buildings are green & low carbon, energy-saving and environmentally friendly, which will significantly reduce solid waste, water consumption and carbon dioxide emissions. When steel structure buildings are disassembled, the steel material can be recycled and produced higher residual value than the other buildings.

In the context of the world economy’ pursuit of sustainable development,and the continuous development and innovation of the manufacturing technology of steel, steel structures building have undoubtedly become a better choice for various types of buildings. Steel structures are widely used in industrial workshop, various types of warehouse, poultry house and supermarkets and so on ,which are composed of steel structure frame, roof&wall system and connecting system.

  • Steel Structure Frame

The steel structure frame includes main frame and secondary frame. In general, the main frame includes steel column and steel beam, and secondary frame consists of roof&wall bracing, tie bar, roof&wall purlin, brace, bracing tube and angle brace.

secondary frame

The steel column is the main load-bearing and anti-lateral force part of the steel frame. The steel beam needs to bear the load of roof in total steel frame, and transmits that to steel column and  foundation in turn. At the same time, the steel beam can coordinate the internal force of the steel column and bear the vertical and horizontal loads together with the steel column. Lastly, the foundation supports the steel column and bears the upper load of the steel structure.

In order to realize the stability and safety of whole steel structure building, the engineer need to design secondary frame composed of the different component for different sizes of building.

  • Roof&Wall System

The roof&wall panel are an important part of roof&wall system, which generally choose the single layer steel sheet, EPS sandwich panel and rock wool sandwich panel according to the buyer’ need and local conditions., Single layer steel sheet is enough for regular steel structure building. Compared to other sandwich panel, the EPS sandwich panel have better water-proof performance and rock wool sandwich panel have better fire-proof effect, but,the price of the sandwich panel is higher than single layer steel sheet. So the type of roof&wall panel depends on the buyer’ requirement.

Except for roof&wall panel, the roof&wall system also includes the ventilation system and the daylighting panel, window and door , which are customized by clients.

If clients don’t have special requirements for roof&wall system, engineer will design based on regular function. The completed drawings will be sent to the client for final confirmation prior to quotation.

  • Connecting system

Connecting system is usually put in last section of quotation and it contains common bolt, high-strength bolt, anchor bolt and basket bolt. The steel structure frame and roof&wall system are connected by these different bolts. For example, the steel column will be installed on foundation by M24 anchor bolt, and the roof panel is installed on roof purlin by M12 common bolt.

For a steel structure project, foundation work must be done firstly. Usually, the layout drawing of foundation will be provided to the buyer after the deal is confirmed. Workers need to erect steel structure frame and roof&wall system using various bolts according to installation drawing during the installation.

The factory processes and manufactures steel structural parts, and workers can directly fasten different types of bolts on site for construction and assembly. Therefore, this makes that the steel structure building has faster installation speed and shorter construction period.

Steel has high strength and structural bearing capacity, which is why steel buildings are strong and durable. At the same time, the steel structure can realize the free combination of different spans, so the internal space of the building can be arranged flexibly and maximized.

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