2,592 Square Meters Steel Structure For Steel Bar Rolling Mill Production Line Shipped to Libya Part.II(Shipping and Pre-installation)

Project information:

Project Location: Benghazi, Libya

Project Size: Part I:24x60x15.5m  Part II:24x48x9m

The delivery for the steel structure of steel bar production line had been done at the end of the December 2022. The original plan of delivery was supposed to use 6x40HQ containers. Nevertheless, since the shipping cost and customs clearance is higher, Dorian shipping team calculated again and again, and eventually reduced 1 container, that is, 5x40HQ for final.

5x40HQ containers to ship more than 130t weight goods was proved to be more difficult than imagination. The first 3 containers were loaded around 28t for each, and this is close to the max loading capacity for the container. The usual capacity for the 40hq is about 25t, while the MSK shipping company can allow to 28-29t for fully capacity.


To make sure each container will be fully used, every column, beam, purline, panel and other parts must have been carefully calculated. And each component has been carefully weighed and then well packaged in the steel frame.


The steel frame was made as a whole structure with base and fence around to protect the materials. This steel frame can avoid crash and unbalance while loading and shipping, for any unbalance will result in the collision of the goods and the crash of the container.

The loading process had been carefully and seriously well handled by Dorian loading team, and this loading took about 3 days day and night to ensure all are totally clear.


In order to save the space and make sure the container space are fully occupied, Dorian loading team cut off the columns bracing to save the space. Marked the number of the cutting parts, this will be very easily for customers to do the welding after received the goods. Dorian company sent a welding machine free for customer for easy welding.




The project is located around the Benghazi port, and very close to the Mediterranean sea, therefore, the soil layer is very soft and with much water. Customer authorized some experts to make a very detailed geo-technical investigation report for the soil.


After received the report, Dorian technical team carefully checked and discussed, and eventually gave customer the suggestions. The foundation drawing was optimized and updated, and also recommended customer to do the ground beam to make sure the stability of the foundation.


In fact, there are many projects Dorian have dealt with are close to the ocean. So, we have rich experience for the solid foundation and the protection against seawater corrosion.

Customer followed the advice and build the ground beam and made the base based on the foundation drawing.


One of the largest advantage of Dorian company is that there is an installation team who can do the assembly job all over the Africa. 5 men team which can do the fully installation job.


The installation team arrived in Libya in February, and they guided the foundation job, and after more than half month of the base, the first period of job is totally done.


After the base for the columns were totally done, and the ground beams were also finished which connected together with the ground beams to make sure the great stability.


The team then started to collect each component to do the pre-installation. This is a very important step to make sure the further installation would be quickly and orderly. Most of all, can avoid the mistake in case of any part assembled in the wrong place.


Pre-installation takes about 1 week to connect the plate and to classify all the materials, and all the materials are well lied on the ground and assembled. The next step will be the connection.


In China, the first step of installation would be to set up the all the columns and then use the bolt to connect the beam and other cladding parts. While some engineers would prefer to install columns and beams at the same time. This is also a way, because all the columns and beams are marked with exact number on the surface to make sure the right one. Men only need to follow the mark and the drawing to match the number can avoid the mistake.


The height of the steel structure workshop is 15.5m, which is longer a lot than the container length. (the 40 feet container length is 11.8m). Thus, the columns were cut into 2pcs before the shipping. Connection is very simple, and installers use the connection board to weld each half columns and also use the bolts to connect, this will strongly reinforce the columns, very firm. And there is no difference between the original and the welding type.


Column braces and tie bars are strongly connected by the bolts. The 15.5m height is with the crane beams to make sure the high temperature of the building will not hurt the crane.


After all the beams and roof purlines assembly is done, the panels begun to be installed.


Last but always remember, if you need any help in Steel Structure or Steel Building related area, ask Dorian before make decision.


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    March 2, 2023