768 Square Meters Steel Structure Warehouse in Uzbekistan

16x48x7m steel structure warehouse was designed and manufactured for Uzbekistan customer.

1000 Square Meters Steel Structure Warehouse in Philippines 1

The project background

This project is used for processing bottled water, project is located at the foot of the mountain, there has rich water resource. Total size of this project is 16x48x7m. A two-floor space on the left gable wall, size is 16x18x7m. The height of ground floor is 4m, first floor is 3m. Ground floor stores finished product(16x18x4m), second floor is office(16x18x3m). On the right hand is  bottled water processing workshop, size is 16x30x6m.

Project processing

Bottled water processing workshop need a clean environment, comfortable temperature, no UV radiation. EPS sandwich panel totally meet these requirements. EPS sandwich panel doesn’t produce slag, which will keep the workshop in a clean environment. The thermal conductivity of EPS is about 0.035W/m.k, higher than the brick wall. Higher thermal conductivity rate, better heat dissipation effect. In addition, UV radiation will not through the EPS sandwich panel, better prevent the UV radiation and sunlight, protect the items of workshop.


1000 Square Meters Steel Structure Warehouse in Philippines 2

The goods delivered to Tashkent by railway transportation. Customer received the goods in March, 2022. In April, customer finished the foundation work. However, due to the lack of relevant expertise, he faced many problems during in this process, for example ,because the distance of each bolts are different,. and the distance of wind-resistance column bolts is different from the main columns,so the customer don’t know how to install the anchor bolts in the correct position. Anchor bolts model will handle this problem. Dorian prepared different anchor bolts model to help customers to install anchor bolts, like the below pictures. Using anchor bolts model to fix anchor bolts in the correct position, weld anchor bolts on the steel rebar then fill with cement.

About design

In general ,in terms of the mezzanine floor, the load bearing of 300 kg/m2 is sufficient for an office.but If the mezzanine floor is used for operating machines, the engineer must design the load bearing according to the static load and dynamic load of the machines.Mezzanine needs more steel beams to support it. Each 2 meters need to put a steel beams, like the below pictures. First step is to install the the main mezzanine beam when the main steel frame are finished. Next step is to install the secondary mezzanine steel beams. Then put the mezzanine plate on the platform. Fix the mezzanine plate on the beams with pegs. 10cm concrete should be filled on the mezzanine plate. 

About Installation

Regular erection sequence: foundation work<steel column<steel beam<tie bar<roof/wall brace<bracing<casing<angle brace<roof/wall panel<flashing<window/door......

Erection tools: excavator, crane truck, scaffold, lifting belts, rope, safety belts for workers, cutting machine, pistol drill, rivet driver, rubber gun etc.

Large tools need to be prepared by customers, like excavator, crane truck. Small tools will be provided by steel structure building suppliers, like pistol drill, rivet driver, rubber gun.


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