Truss Steel Structure Warehouse with 2 Sets 1000m2 in Thailand

Project information
Project location: Laem Chabang, Thailand

Project size: 13.815x72.475x8.75m 

Project Application:Steel Structure Warehouse 

Project details: Painting square tube for the whole steel frame+0.5mm metal sheet for the roof+50mm EPS panel for wall+steel structure door frame for this project.

Truss Steel Structure Warehouse with 2 Sets 1000m2 in Thailand 01

The Rich Experience in South East Asia Marketa
This client was from Thailand, and Dorian team has had rich construction experience in South East Asia Market and also exported a lot steel buildings to South East Asia(like The Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam) which have been well received by the client.  


The Project progress
The client initially sought quotations from a local Thai steel fabricator and preferred to set up the project locally.

After evaluating the local building cost and Dorian’s price, quality and service, the client decided to cooperate with Dorian.  

The initial project size what the client asked for is 4sets of 34x10x9m of steel warehouse and their structural engineer finalized the size is 13.815x72.475x8.75m during over 1 month modification and sent their own structural drawing to our Dorian team. Based on the client’s need, Dorian engineer designed two proposal (H-shape steel structure&Truss steel structure) so that the client can compare and consider. After one week’s comparison and discussion with their team, the client chose truss steel structure finally. As the truss steel structure has much lower price and less cost than the H-shape steel structure. Moreover, the client has his own professional installation team available to carry out the welding work locally.

Truss Steel Structure Warehouse with 2 Sets 1000m2 in Thailand 08

This project is a show room for XCMG group’s machine, taking into account the requirements of insulation and lighting,the Dorian recommended 75mm rock wool sandwich panels and skylight panels for the roof, and single ply steel sheets for the walls. and the customer assessed the suggestion with local engineer and accepted it as soon as possible.


Considering that Dorian’s extensive experience in exporting cranes, which can help to recommended a 5t electrical single beam hoisting crane for the client based on the weight and height of items. In the end, Dorian provided a whole proposal for the customer, including steel building, crane, as well as related equipment,and the customer also recognized this scheme and praised the service.

In the design proposal of the truss steel structure, Dorian engineer designed 50mm EPS panel for the wall, which have good waterproof effect and suitable for the Thailand’s weather condition. Moreover, Dorian team recommended 0.5mm metal sheet as roof on the basis of the client’s need and for the propose of saving total cost. In additions, Dorian engineer had also designed steel structure door frame and provide door accessories (except the door sheet) in advance to guarantee welding work of the door accurately and smoothly afterwards, as client decided to use the metal sheet for the sliding door locally.

Truss Steel Structure Warehouse with 2 Sets 1000m2 in Thailand 02

The Production and Loading

All the goods finished production in 10 days and loaded in 4x20GP containers by professional workers&movable crane in a day. And Dorian workers marked detailed steel consecutive numbers so that It is convenient for subsequent installation work to proceed smoothly and conveniently.

Truss Steel Structure Warehouse with 2 Sets 1000m2 in Thailand 03

The client invited the SGS third party to inspect steel beams, columns, purlines and other accessories because of the covid-19. The SGS inspector highly appreciated of painting quality and welding capacity of Dorian workers, and then the client paid the balance the next day.

Truss Steel Structure Warehouse with 2 Sets 1000m2 in Thailand 04

Dorian workers estimated the loading space and sequence in advance so that all the goods placed in proper position and without space waste. Moreover, all the goods were strengthened with steel rope to guarantee the goods without leakage and damage problems.


The Installation Work

All the goods arrived in the destination port on Feb and Dorian team provided detailed package list for each container beforehand, which helped custom clearance work finish soon and smoothly. Besides, the detailed installation drawing and videos were also provided to client so that the preparation work of the installation can be carried out in advance.


The client has a professional local installation team to carry out installation work and now all the steel columns,beams and roof purline have already finished installation. The installation for the wall purlines and panels are proceeding and will finished installation in the next week.....  


Dorian team are discussing the subsequent 2 projects with client and cooperation still proceeding....

Last but always remember, if you need any help in Steel Structure or Steel Building related area, ask Dorian before make decision.