3000 Square Meters Steel Structure Warehouse in Chile

35x84x6m steel structure warehouse was designed and manufactured for Chile customer.

3000 Square Meters Steel Structure Warehouse in Chile 4

Preparation-I  Detailed Design Work

*The original drawing is provided by customer. Dorian designed a complete proposal according to original drawing. Comparing with Dorian’s design ,the customer’s drawing have more heavy steel frame and higher initial cost.


Because the Chilean building standard is different from those in China ,and in order to saving unnecessary cost of the client, Dorian team provided a more economical three spans proposal based on customer’s requirements and local weather(wind/snow load, live/dead load)--including including dimensions of all components, foundations, elevations , structure layout etc. The customer sent both plans to the local construction department for evaluation and local officials found Dorian’s proposal to be fully compliant with the Chilean building requirements, and more economical and competitive in comparison. Finally, The customer accepted this optimized proposal, designed by Dorian company.

This project is a show room for XCMG group’s machine, taking into account the requirements of insulation and lighting,the Dorian recommended 75mm rock wool sandwich panels and skylight panels for the roof, and single ply steel sheets for the walls. and the customer assessed the suggestion with local engineer and accepted it as soon as possible.


Considering that Dorian’s extensive experience in exporting cranes, which can help to recommended a 5t electrical single beam hoisting crane for the client based on the weight and height of items. In the end, Dorian provided a whole proposal for the customer, including steel building, crane, as well as related equipment,and the customer also recognized this scheme and praised the service.

3000 Square Meters Steel Structure Warehouse in Chile 9

Preparation-II  Inspection Before Shipment - Factory Audit

3000 Square Meters Steel Structure Warehouse in Chile 6-1

Owing to the COVID-19, the customer cannot come to China to visit factory. But as a showroom, every steel part especially the welding lines have higher quality requirements, so the customer invited XCMG group to visit the factory and products for evaluation. At the end of the visit, the quality of Dorian's products and production capabilities were highly praised by them.

The Final Stage  Installion

The customer will receive installation manuals/videos, foundation drawings, assembly layout drawings as original installation guides. To make it clear to the customer which product are in each container, Dorian provided them with a fully detailed packing list, which helped customer to easily find each part. In addition, Marks are signed on every steel part, such as “GZ 1, GL 3”, these marks are in line with the construction drawings and layout drawings. It is easy to find the correct position of each part and to install the steel warehouse easily.During the installation of the steel columns/beams, in order to ensure that all the steel columns/beams are on the same level, the customer needs to prepare a crane of approximately 25 tonnes to lift it in advance.


For such a three-span steel warehouse, when all the columns are completed and installed, it is advisable for the client to install the middle span of steel beams first so that errors can be adjusted in time to reduce the difficulty of installation. Considering the local environment, Dorian’s design adds guttering and down pipes in the middle of each span in order to facilitate drainage and reduce the possibility of rainwater corrosion.


For those parts that are difficult to install, such as: panels, edge cover etc, Dorian provided some specific CAD installation exploded view, and marked the length and installation position and other detailed information of every panels. The client can find the accurate mounting position of each panel on the drawing, making the installation work become much easier.


Thanks to the specific manual and video, all installations were completed by the beginning of January 2022 and put in use , the client was so pleased with the quality of the steel building and after sales service work that he is considering ordering again.

Last but always remember, if you need any help in Steel Structure or Steel Building related area, ask Dorian before make decision.