10000 Square Meters Steel Structure Warehouse in Philippines

25x40x6m steel structure warehouse was designed and manufactured for Philippines customer.

1000 Square Meters Steel Structure Warehouse in Philippines 1

The project background

The client contacted Dorian team in November, 2021. Before this, we have already built a good cooperation relationship in a few months ago, the client was pretty satisfied with Dorian’s quality and service, and also have deep confidence in Dorian, so Dorian received the reorder from the client.


Because the Chilean building standard is different from those in China ,and in order to saving unnecessary cost of the client, Dorian team provided a more economical three spans proposal based on customer’s requirements and local weather(wind/snow load, live/dead load)--including including dimensions of all components, foundations, elevations , structure layout etc. The customer sent both plans to the local construction department for evaluation and local officials found Dorian’s proposal to be fully compliant with the Chilean building requirements, and more economical and competitive in comparison. Finally, The customer accepted this optimized proposal, designed by Dorian company.

Progress of the project

This project is the same size as the last one, but the difference is that the new project with offices.  Initially, the client requires 3 offices with 3.2m high on the mezzanine floor of the steel building, but because of increasing sea freight caused by the covid-19 and other special requirement of client, Dorian’s engineer revised the previous design and redesigned an economical and optimized solutions to 2 offices on the ground floor with the height of 3 metre. After the consideration of two weeks, the customer finally accept this design scheme with satisfaction.


Taking into account the local context and the requirement of the client, Dorian designed the metal single sheet as the wall and roof panel for the whole building including the 2 offices. The client required that the surface of the whole steel structure frame must be coated white color paint, the surface of the wall and roof panel coated gray color. According to the color provided by the customer, Dorian produced the steel structure component that can meet these requirements,


The Dorian production team marked each steel part with a consecutive number during the production process so that the customer can easily find the installation position of each part, facilitating on-site assembly in the warehouse and avoiding mistakes such as misalignment during the installation process, reducing unnecessary losses to the customer. All steel components, including panels, are designed and manufactured within 15 days and product images are sent to the customer for confirmation in good time before delivery, but only after everything is correct for loading.

1000 Square Meters Steel Structure Warehouse in Philippines 2


Taking into account unloading issues and various other reasons, the Dorian team opted to load the goods in a more suitable size container, a 40ft open top container, which not only helped the client to unload the goods easily with a movable crane or to lift the goods directly, but also saved a lot of unloading time and labour costs.

Dorian workers designed a special loading scheme for the loading in advance to guarantee the cargo can occupy all the container space and ensure that no space would be wasted. All goods are arranged in an orderly and stable manner using wire rope and strapping, which ensures that there are no problems with swinging or damage during transport.

Dorian has rich experience on global market, which has exported a lot of steel buildings to Philippines, Thailand, UAE, Chile, Angola and so on. In addition, Africa, South America, Asia, Middle East are also Dorian’s main market.

Last but always remember, if you need any help in Steel Structure or Steel Building related area, ask Dorian before make decision.